Personal Injury Attorney Intake Questionnaire

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You should first ask and get satisfactory answers to the following questions:

How qualified is the attorney?

Every personal injury attorney must, at the least, have had the necessary training and been admitted to the Florida Bar association before you can even consider hiring them to represent you. In addition, look for any additional training and seminars that they may have attended so that you can better gauge how qualified they are. Awards and accolades are usually given to the best personal injury attorneys in recognition of their abilities and actual performance so you should also take these into account before you hire any of them click on this .

How experienced is the attorney?

Experience, in this context, is not just about the number of years for which the attorney has been practicing. Yes, the years of practice are important too but you should go beyond just the figures and look at the results that the injury attorney in question has managed to bring in during the time that they have been practicing. In particular, look for an injury lawyer who has managed to obtain the largest number of favorable rulings in cases similar to yours and helped past clients recover more money as compensation.

How much do they charge for their services and how will they be paid?

Legal fees tend to differ from one injury law firm to another so it is important to know in advance the exact amount of money that you will be expected to pay for the entire duration that the firm will be at your service. In addition, find out about their preferred payment schedules. It might be a very good idea to only focus on lawyers who charge their fees on a contingency basis.

Can they give you any guarantees?

One of the best rules to follow when hiring personal injury lawyers is to stay away from any lawyers who give you 100% guarantees on the outcome of your case especially if the case is going to be heard and determined in court.

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Advantages and disadvantages of law career 

Advantages and disadvantages of law career


If you plan to become a lawyer this article can help you to decide whether this career is the right thing for you. We will tell you all advantages and disadvantages and you will see is that something you want to work all your life.


1.Law is always full of challenges

Career in the law requires a lot of work, you have to work hard to make your career grows.  Also you will meet a lot of different types of people with whom you’ll have to work. Because of all these challenges you will be able to progress in work and as a person, you will have a lot of life experience and in this way you will also grow as a person.

2.Law is certainly a rewarding

Working in a career of law you will often achieve satisfaction. You will feel satisfied when you help disadvantaged people, when you take part in a million pound sale of a corporation or give a great idea to your business partners. Regardless of your role, you will feel great when you achieve your professional goal.

money3.You will be well paid

Generally, legal sector workers have a really good salary. It depends in which kind of company you work, firms which deals only with legal aid pay their employees less then corporate law firms. But however, legal profession career is ranked in the top 20 highest paid professions.


1.Long hours of work

This means that you will be a lot of time away from your family and friends and you will have a little time for yourself. If there’s a deadline you will have to work extra hours to finish work for your client on time.

2.There is a huge demand for qualifications

If you have plans of being a barrister you need for at least 4 years of legal training plus two years of practical training. This course is very expensive so a lot of people can’t afford it.

3.It’s about who you know

This is the problem with most professions, but it is specifically represented in the law career. If you don’t have a good connection you might have trouble finding a suitable job for you. Feel free to visit read more for more advice.

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About contingency payment agreements 

About contingency payment agreements

There is a possibility that lawyers are paid only if they win the lawsuit, but they must to make such an agreement with a client who can’t pay his legal bills out of his pocket.

Contingent payment agreements

legal-billsLawyers sometimes work for contingency wage, in which their pay comes from a agreement or award. Lawyers will usually accept a contingency fee in accordance only with a written agreement. The lawyer will be paid only if the client’s case will be successfully solved.

Paying costs

If the lawyer decides to enter into contingency arrangements he must strictly obey the rules. Those rules demand written agreement. The agreement must demonstrate all costs, involving whether it will an appeal growth cost percentage and who pays the costs. When the lawyer win the client’s case and accept the award, he must write declaration where he will describe the manner in which he calculated all costs.

In criminal and domestic cases this type of payment is not allowed

widescreen2Criminal cases – In criminal cases taking contingency payment is not allowed. In this kind of cases attorneys must obey the law of professional responsibility. Criminal court cases has to decide whether their client is innocent or guilty, so lawyer should have incentive to supply that  their client has a fair lawsuit, and not to think only in the direction of winning a case just to get money at any cost. Feel free to contact orange county Criminal attorney for more advice.

Domestic cases – In cases of domestic taking contingency costs is also forbidden. These cases have sensitive nature, and they request a full understanding and commitment of lawyer. People with this kind of cases are usually emotional and quite emotionally unstable, so attorney must be approached with professionalism and responsibility to help them. Lawyer needs to be fully concentrated on the needs of his client, not on getting money.

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Influence of  Roman Law on law creation 

The creation of law that covers all aspects where rules are needed was tried many times in history. Many iterations of books of law were plain, or they missed many areas the law was needed. Or they had too many loopholes through which people could walk free with committing gruesome crimes.

Roman law was the first set of laws that was detailed enough to be considered good. It was highly influenced by philosophy of  Greeks, but it was also heavily detailed by professional jurists, which made Roman law very sophisticated. Good thing about Roman law is that it was changed to match the social situations through the existence and change of Roman empire.


Codes of Roman law were replaced by case and custom law in the time of Dark Ages, but the original codes of Roman law were rediscovered in 11th century, when scholars decided to research Roman law and use its practices and implement them in the law of that time. To make the implementation of concepts from Roman law easier they compiled a guidance called brocards, more known as latin legal maxims.

Roman law led to creation of common law, through the body of precedent which was formed in medieval England.

Roman law also had a big influence in creation of Law merchant which was made to help all merchants trade on the soil of Europe under the same law. This was made to avoid trading under many small facets of laws that existed on local level. The emphasis of Law merchant was on freedom of contract as well as alienability of property which make Law merchant the precursor of commercial law we have today. Over time this law was incorporated into local laws of countries and new civil codes were added to it. Most known results were Napoleonic and German codes.  provide us this information read full report .

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